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Dutch entrepreneur and consultant

Besides for Inroads and Rose which I co-founded myself, I have worked for universities, research institutes, small, large and corporate companies, and public and public-private organisations and partnerships.

Currently I work as a consultant and coach, and I am an EU expert and evaluator, a coach for EU co-funded start-ups and a visiting lecturer at Avans University of Applied Science.

How to improve business with help of innovation and with innovative products, interests and intrigues me most regarding running a company. This has kept me busy throughout my career. All the positions I have been working in, and assignments I work on, were/are somehow related to innovation and how to increase business opportunities with innovation.

My skills are on supervision, sound-boarding, counseling, business consultancy and coaching.

Nyenrode University
Semafor VI

University of Hasselt
Master, Business Administration

University of Hasselt
Bachelor, Economics

Avans University of Applied Science
BSc, Electrical Engineering

Entrepreneur and consultant; co-founder and COO of breakthrough start-up Rose. Former research engineer, R&D manager, and director of SMEs and semi-governmental and public-private organisations and partnerships.

For more detailed information about my career path and the companies I have worked for, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Start-up or Start-app

by Henk Zeegers

This book gives a view on start-up entrepreneurship as seen through the eyes of the entrepreneur. Henk Zeegers reveals the pitfalls which start-ups encounter, comments on the support from ecosystems and governments, explains the relevance of hospitality and heritage, and provides hands-on advice and models for surviving the valley of death and becoming a successful scale-up. Regarding governments who cut back on innovation during economic downturns, he takes and substantiates the position that, on the contrary, additional investment should be available for innovation during slumps. Most books are about the successes; this book is also about failures, written by the practitioner.


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